It was the year 1999, which saw the birth of Travel Khazana at Mumbai in India. Travel Khazana started its operations under the name of Travel Connections, marketing Hotels and Resorts worldwide; the company was later re-christened as Travel Khazana. In early 2002 the company took over the Central & South Indian market and evolved as wholesaler of travel solutions to agents all over with the primary focus to provide maximum end user satisfaction.

Today, Travel Khazana is involved in producing innovative travel Products & Services, which include Star Cruises, European Railways, Palace on Wheels, Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Packages and more. The start up venture today, has transformed into a professionally managed and committed organization. Meticulous planning, domain expertise and sound understanding of geographic have enabled Travel Khazana to enjoy the trust and support of its esteemed clients.

List of events handled by Travel Khazana

Date No. of pax Location Company
Sep 2011 1200 Lonavala MTV, Mumbai (500 cars)
Feb 2012 280 Thailand UAE Exchange, Cochin
Mar 2012 750 Dubai Onida Electronics Ltd, Mumbai
Apr 2012 175 Dubai Kesari Travels, Mumbai
May 2012 350 Goa K.P. Personal Care, Surat
Jun 2012 500 Surat K.P. Group, Surat – Annual Function
Aug 2012 900 Mumbai Sanver Travels, Mumbai
Sep 2012 250 Dubai Sleepwell Mattresses, Ahmedabad
Feb 2013 250 Dubai Nokia, Mumbai
Apr 2013 80 Bikaner Film Shooting – AOPL Entertainment
Apr 2013 80 Bikaner Film Shooting – AOPL Entertainment
Sep 2013 300 Thailand Ethnic Manufacturers of India, Mumbai
Oct 2013 575 Goa K.P. Personal Care, Surat
Jan 2014 450 Ahmedabad Innovative Healing Systems, Ahmedabad
Jan 2014 200+ Dubai Dubai Shopping festival – Leisure Holiday Package
Feb 2014 750 Mumbai Marriage group
May 2014 650 Mumbai Star Entertainment – 250 cars
Jan 2015 2000 Mumbai University of Mumbai – Indian Science Congress
Mar 2015 75 Muscat, Oman Corporate Training Programme – Swadeshi MLM
Apr 2015 50 9N / 10D - Turkey Leisure Holiday Package